Richard Trested


Country United States
Territory / Region New York
Issue Year / Date 1825
Name Richard Trested
Implied Value ns
Token Type Merchant & Trade
Weight ns
Size / Diameter 24 mm
Composition Brass
Edge ns
Quantity ns
Obverse U.S. shield within wreath, TRESTED FECIT below.
Reverse TRESTED / DIE SINKER / AND STAMPER / 68 WILLIAM. ST. / N. YORK within wreath.
Issued by Richard Trested
Issue Location New York City
Series Name Early American
Description Trested, an Englishman, is first traced as an engraver in 1821 at 70 William St. From 1823-1827 he was at 68 William Street, and occupied quarters at both 68 William Street and 75 Maiden Lane 1828-1829...