Hungary 20 Krajczar 1881


Country Hungary
Year 1881-04-05
Name Hungary 20 Krajczar 1881
Denomination 20 Krajczar
Type of Issue: Definitive
Theme Crown of St. Stephen surmounting an envelope
Size / Diameter 22 x 26 mm
Color greenish gray
Watermark "kr" in circle extended over 4 stamps
Variations see color, perforation
Designer Janos L. L'Hiver
Printing Method engraved
Printed by: Hungarian Royal State Printing House
Perforation type: Perforated
Perforation size: Perf. 11 1/2
Tagging n/a
Series Name "Krajczaros" stamps of 1874-1899
Description Design: Crown of St. Stephen, surmounting an envelope and a post horn, enclosed in a wreath, with light corners. The stamps were printed in the Hungarian Royal State Printing House (Magyar Királyi Államnyomda) which in 1901 was renamed State Printing House (Állami Nyomda).