The World of Dinosaurs


Country United States
Year 1995-05-01
Name The World of Dinosaurs
Denomination 32 Cent
Description This is a Sheet of fifteen, 32 cents, The World of Dinosaurs Stamps. They are in excellent mint condition! The gum is shiny with no marks on it! They are item numbers a - Ceratosaurus, b - Camptosaurus, c - Camarasaurus, d - Brachiosaurus, e - Goniopholis, f - Stegosaurus, g - Allosaurus, h - Opisthias, I - Edmontonia, j - Einiosaurus, k - Daspletosaurus, l - Palaeosaniwa, m - Corythosaurus, n - Ornithominus and o - Parasaurolophus in the Guide to US Stamps. They were first issued in 05/01/9