United States 10 Dollars 1934A


Country United States
Face Value 10 Dollars
Name United States 10 Dollars 1934A
Issue Year / Date: 1934
Type Silver certificate
Issue Provisional
Size / Diameter 156 × 66 mm
Color grey, green
Print Run 0
Obverse Portrait of Alexander Hamilton; blue numeral 10 on the left and the treasury seal printed over the g
Variations blue seal
Printed by: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Issued by Treasury of the United States
Issue Location Washington, D.C.
Series Name Small size notes
Description Nicknames: - Hamilton, Alex, Al or Alexander based on the use of Alexander Hamilton's portrait; - Tenner, borrowed from British reference to the 10-pound note, is rarely used in the US but generally understood.; - Ten Spot